Gracie Opulanza - Classic FM - Royal Albert Hall 2013

For me Opera is anything posh and style. So off to work I went at the Royal Albert Hall. Feeling so posh and stylish. I was bitterly disappointed to see that woman for whatever reason are not dressing up for the Opera. I have no idea why. There are so many gorgeous dresses out there. It can’t be the price factor.

What is Gracie Wearing?

I bought this dress in Barcelona last year. Yes on sale and yes last year. I know it is not in vogue, but that’s not Gracie. She does not follow trends. The dress is made of pure silk and well it’s up to you whether it looks good on me or not. Always wear a long dress at the opera.

I love going to the Opera because for me it is all about dressing up. It’s my way of giving respect to the performers. The dress I wore is from the label Dolores Promesas.

The Haircut

When it comes to my hair, I have a melt down. There have been times where I storm out crying because my hair looks rubbish. It’s deceptively thin, hence if you cut into too much, the word skin head look is an understatement. Sean from John Carne in Knightsbridge has never cut my hair, but met me once or twice. He listened to what I had to say.

Girls honestly, if you are up for a wicked new style,  a fab professional time and a good full on gossip session. You can tell anything to Sean, he is hair therapy on a new level. He is the guy you can complain to when it comes to anything. He just listens, which is so crucial for a man to listen to us women. He is based in the Knightsbridge boutique. Oh by the way, If you wondered did Gracie go out crying after the cut, She did but with tears of joy. You know you have a great haircut when people you don’t even know, come to you ask who cut your hair.


Gracie Opulanza - Classic FM - Royal Albert Hall 2013

Jon Carne Hairdresser Knightbridge

Gracie Opulanza - Classic FM - Royal Albert Hall 2013

Tweeting about menstylefashion

Gracie Opulanza - Classic FM - Royal Albert Hall 2013

Thinking about who are going to be there in the Royal Albert Hall for menstylefashion

Gracie Opulanza - Classic FM - Royal Albert Hall 2013

Gracie in action

Gracie Opulanza - Classic FM - Royal Albert Hall 2013



Thanks for making an effort girls

Image Credits: Maria Scard & Ben Randall

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  • I!

    Absolutely agree with dressing up when going to the opera. Luckily the Germans do that, unfortunately the Belgians and Dutch don’t… missed opportunity I think. :-(

  • Gracie Opulanza

    There is always room for improvement. the Germans dressing up for Opera wow. would love you opnion on this?