I have never met Julien but I have certainly respected his work over the years. For those who don’t know who I am talking about. Julien Macdonald OBE is a Welsh fashion designer who has appeared as judge on the television programme, Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. Last night, whilst trying to sleep, Julien came to mind and this morning, I got a real strong message to write about him. I laughed because how on earth can you write about someone you have never met? I am at a point now that I am going to choose who I support in fashion. I have two unique platforms to talk about who I want, how I want and when I want.

In the fashion industry since 2011,  I am not a puppet on a string, these are my brands that I created from scratch and how I see it. If you want me to support your collection then you will simply ask me too.  As I designer,  you will trust and respect I write and speak from the heart. This is what I respect with Julien, he too is not a puppet on a string and he continues to create his own collections as an icon creative fashion designer, who has served the industry.

London Fashion Week 2016

I was really excited to be invited to Julien’s  catwalk and loved how much buzz it had before the catwalk.  It was my first time seeing his work first hand but I could not help pondering whilst sitting before the catwalk what he thinks about, London Fashion Week? I wonder what he thinks about fashion as a saturated market in 2016? I also do wonder what he thinks of me and why I was invited?

The reason I chose to come was Julien has worked his butt off in this industry and he is what I call, old school class in fashion. It was refreshing, exciting and moving at the sometime to see his hard work there for us all to enjoy. I could hear and feel that the people there too, were rooting for him. His high profile mates were not there for the free drinks or the goodie bags, nope they were there to see what Julien had to offer us as a creative soul.

Loved seeing, Zandra Rhodes  smile on her faith before the show, you can truly appreciate that she understands the hard work that goes into sustaining a brand in such a saturated market. It was also nice to ask ex rugby player Thom Evans, what he thought of Julien and why he was taking the time to come and see his work.


The Collection

Loved every bit of it as I could see how it would suit the luxury lifestyle that I am now reviewing, pioneering and are apart of. The pieces were a statement of eccentric class with a notion that anyone could wear it if he or she had the guts too.  These pieces below are certainly classic eccentric outfits you can mix and match for luxury lifestyle. I would put them in a unisex category.


I love shorts and military empowering outfits


Bling Is The Thing

Always a lover of these outfits, for dining out, clubbing and everything cocktail. I have not been to a female catwalk this high profile in years. For me the below collection is designed for the female market. Julien here is not trying to compromise that there are some outfits that only belong to women. I am not ashamed to say that, I come from an Italian background,  I am old school after all.

Thanks for the invite.