Even in the cutting rooms of Los Angeles. There are still some PR assistants who are counting up all the column style inches from the red carpet looks that we saw over 2016. These days, it really is not an exaggeration to say that between the movie premiers, film festivals and awards shows, literally tens of thousands of ´starlet looks´ can be showcased on the red carpet.

“For a young designer, a photo of a big celebrity in their design on a best-dressed list can be completely career-making; however, the problem with Hollywood is that there is a hierarchy as much in the fashion as there is in the industry. Because of this, red carpet style is more complicated and political than you would ever think.”

We may already only be a few months into 2017, but already (mostly thanks to the Oscars and the Academy Awards); we have seen multiple noteworthy fashion moments. A lot went on in 2016, some good and some bad, so in order to digest the impact that 2017 will have in fashion, let´s re-visit some of the most memorable classic and jaw dropping red carpet looks of 2016 , which saw celebrities put a spin on everything from socialising to soirees

Lady Gaga

Famous for everything from meat dresses to exotic arrivals, Lady Gaga toned it down, classic style for the Golden Globe Awards in a chic, simple Atelier Versace dress (channelling a certain Marilyn Monroe).

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