The past several years has seen a big revival of bow ties as an admissible part of a man’s wardrobe attire. It had spent a long time in the fashion field waiting in anticipation for its chance to return, but thanks to many designers and the popularity of Downtown Abbey, it seems that the bow tie may be back and here to stay.

There are two main reasons for this classic comeback; firstly, men’s fashion is making heavy reference to the past decades for inspiration (this can be noted from the rise in popularity of accessories such as tie bars, pocket squares and trilby’s.)The bow tie is simply another asset in the arsenal of the misplaced yesteryear gentleman. The other factor worth noting is that there are many pieces which are being taken from the fashion archives, then being updated and modernised for the 20th century and all its trending trends. There will be a certain number of men who have a fear of these bow ties, simply with the connotation that they will be large and bold. However, don´t panic. All the top designers have slimmed these ties to keep them on trend, while branching out in various materials to give a solution for each and every man’s tastes.

How Do You Actually Wear A Bow Tie?

How do you actually wear a bow tie?  Well, going back to basics, it would be a good idea to actually know how to tie one. Several decades ago, this was a classical rite of passage for each and every gentleman, but these days – times have changed somewhat. If you’re lazy and just don´t want to master the tie then there are a range of pre-tied and clip on versions available. Band of Outsiders currently do some great versions that you could easily mistake as being the real McCoy.


With this under your belt (or under your tie), the nest step would be to look at the seasons, and their rules, within the fashion calendar. Past are the days of lustrous, silky bow ties that your Gran loved to see you in. Today, there are numerous options for the good old bow tie – you can acquire this in a full range of materials from tweeds, wools, flannels and even denim. Even the warmer months are catered for with lightweight cottons, madras and seersucker being given pride of place. And, it´s these little differences that will help to make the bow tie contemporary and on-trend.

Try to pay as much attention as you can to the style of tie that you select, because they do all carry certain connotations, trust me. For the New York urbanite look, stick to the ‘bat wing’ style. It basically follows a straight line through the whole body of the tie and out of all the styles available, it is the easiest to pull off. Next up, the ´pointed’ style does exactly what it says – ends in at a point. This is one of the more traditional style versions and comes with an attitude all of its own. Last but not least, the timeless on classic ‘hourglass’ should only really be kept for black tie events because although it is elegant, it is very easy to become dishevelled and look a mess.

Ditch The Classics Go Huge

Wear It Well Traditionally

Exactly how do you wear a now tie? Well, there are actually three options to choose from and there is no right or wrong answer – it’s simply down to each man and his individual style;

  1. Tangled up in Plaid – It´s a basic rule of styling that bow tie´s go perfect with plaid shirts. Just make sure that you co-ordinate things; if you’re wearing a red and black shirt then keep to a red and/or black tie. (If you’re bow tie is too loud it looks extremely distasteful). Yes, you’re wearing a bow tie, but there´s no need to scream it!
  2. Brace Yourself – Double up! Try to pair another old-school item onto the bow tie for added visual punch. A tie bar may be out of the question, but what about some good old fashioned braces? Ensure they don’t clash with the tie and you’ll achieve a look that is both classic and cutting edge all at the same tie; ticking two boxes for the price of one.
  3. Dress it down – the simplest way to use a bow tie is by eliminating the suit jacket. You can roll up your shirt sleeves or go one step further and pair it with a leather jacket. This is a great look for standard ties as well as the classic combination of jeans, shirt, tie and a leather jacket is always a winner.

Final Word

So now you have some basic ideas and rules in which to start implementing bow ties into your everyday dressing. Even if you´re not a true fan, there are many different options available. It’s a great opportunity to create an individual look for yourself and have fun whilst you’re doing it.

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