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Uplond – Luxury Handmade Portable Power Bank

As a social media queen, I am always connecting with almost one million followers across Gracie Opulanza and MenStyleFashion. My phone is my business life. I travel a lot and with my two phones there is always a massive problem. Running out of charge. Therefore my chargers for my smart devices are crucial for growing my business. On average I am reviewing luxury hotels and cars two to three times a month. These are very exclusive experiences for me. I like to social media in real time and my followers love to know where I am too. The more...

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Mayfair Hair Salon – Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed

My hairstyles over the years have remained the same. When it comes to my hair I am very conservative and very afraid to take risks. Over the years I have left a salon literally in tears because what I asked is not what I got. Even if I complained that I did not like it. The stylist really didn’t know what to do or didn’t show compassion towards my reaction. In reading the Japanese, definition Omotenashi ( The Spirit of Japanese hospitality), I was more intrigued to explore more. The Japanese proverb, 「おきゃくさまはかみさま」(o kyaku sama ha kami sama): the...

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London Fashion Week : Men – PR’s Don’t Understand Social Media!

Since 2011, I have been working alongside mainstream fashion PR agencies in London. Between my two brands – I have close to one million followers, from which I can connect with whenever I want. I am the definition of a woman who has social media influence. I have been on an interesting journey as a reporter for men’s fashion. I am known officially as the female voice for menswear and to attain this, I have gone out of my way through my own time and money to market fashion brands. In return I can honestly say that in 2017,...

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Chef Norbert Niederkofler – Respect The Produce & The Producer

Norbert Niederkofler, is an eccentric Chef with such a personality. His restaurant is located in Alta Badia, Italy. This Two Michelin starred chef, creates his culinary delights in the restaurant St. Hubertus at the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano in Italy.  Just to reaffirm that Alta Badia is in South Tyrol, and this is part of Italy NOT Austria. When I met Norbert Niederkofler I knew that I was in for an experience of a life time. Who is Norbert? What is his core ingredient when it comes to Cook The Mountain? What is the atmosphere in his kitchen?...

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Alta Badia Italy – Gourmet Skisafari 5th Edition

It is my first time visiting Alta Badia which is situated in the northern part of Italy. This inviting South Tyrolean valley in the Dolomites has to be one of the most spectacular skiing and eating adventures to date for me. My parents come from the South of Italy and I grew up in rural Australia on a farm. We lived off the land and ate what was in season and everything was of Italian cuisines. I was invited by Alta Badia tourism to experience its Gourmet skisafari, skiing and eating mountain food for a whole day. I have...

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Bolle Helmet – Juliet Anna Veith Signature Series

In winter I ski a lot. I am always trying to ski safe but as life has it, things happen. Back in March I had a crash and end up fracturing my shoulder blade. I will never forget that moment when my head slammed on that hard ice. And I heard my helmet crack. I later thought. Imagine if that was my head? An ABS helmet designed by #AnnaVeith and dedicated to the #[email protected][email protected]_veith See you on the #slopes — Gracie Opulanza (@gracieopulanza) December 1, 2016 According to the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA): During the past...

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President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović – Knitwear Trends

I met luxury knitwear designer, Mihaela Markovic at London Fashion Week in September.  I do have a gift of spotting talented fashion designers. Therefore it came to know surprise to receive and e-mail from Mihaela, explaining that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović who is the President for Croatia chose to wear one of her knitwear cardigans.  What a fabulous recognition to have one of the most powerful and influential women in Crotia, showcasing your knitwear. The feeling that Mihaela, experienced seeing her design, worn which she created from everything that she is and that she feels when working these luxury handmade knitwear work of...

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Prada Manufacturing Quality – Crushed Confidence In The Brand

I have had some bad Prada manufacturing quality experiences and this is why my confidence in this brand has been crushed. Why would a luxury brand, make me feel so deflated as a customer? Why did my Prada leather jacket fall apart at the seams, after wearing it only for ten minutes? Who should pay the price in repairing it? I come from an Italian background and I have always dreamt of wearing Prada. I could not afford it for a long time. So when I bought my first ever Prada shoes, I was crying when I lost them...

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Business Trips – How To Maximise Your Suitcase Space

As a CEO over the last few years I have learnt the art to get the maximum suitcase space whilst on a work trip. A business trip calls for some serious packing skills. For me due to my lifestyle and access to luxury travel.  I have to decide how to pack for meetings, after hours drinks and including all my technical equipment for filming, photography and some epic serious charging cables. Fold It Up The art of folding up is a skill in itself. So I make sure I place all clothing on one hanger inside a suit bag....

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Vintage Costume – My Mood My Era

Whilst I was in Amsterdam, I came across this vintage hat. I was told it was created in the 1920’s. In my google research I began to discover it’s meaning and origin. In Toelzer Leonhardifahrt in Upper Bavaria Bad Toelz is a pilgrimage in honor of the cattle patron, the Holy Leonhard. The first authentic in Tolz found in 1772 instead in its present from annually since 1856, usually on the 6th November. What’s mind blowing about this date. Is that, I bought this costume hat on the 6th November. I had no idea why I bought it apart from...

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Wonderful Indonesia – Colourful Henna Trends

Over the years I have noticed Henna on Asian women. It always intrigued me why they chose to display such art on their hands. Well actually at first glance I thought it was a tattoo. Henna is a flowering plant and the sole species of the Lawsonia genus. When we talk about Henna we mainly see that the two colours used are brown or white lace.  It is mainly used for wedding celebrations in Asian countries. I was never interested in having it done on my hands. But as fate happens, whilst at the World Travel Market, I was visiting...

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Angela Caputi Giuggiu – Fashion Costume Jewellery

Today I was walking in Maastricht in Holland and for what ever reason Iris Apfel came to mind. To give you an understanding my first ever written article way back in 2011 was about Iris. It was also the launch of me sharing my eccentric eyewear tips.  About an hour later I spotted a tiny boutique called Antioch Sieraden, owned by Meip. Thanks to Meip, she gave me a very beautiful account of Angela Caputi. Angela Caputi established her company in Florence in 1975.  All pieces are created by hand in the company’s Oltrarno workshop, using locally produced resin....

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