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Seoul South Korea – 1000 Designers 150,000 Fashion Models

I was invited by Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO London) to fly to Pyeongchang, South Korea. The purpose of this journey was to promote the ‘Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games’ and to get an insight into South Korean culture. This pre-visit to the Gangwondo Province which includes PyeongChang, Gangneung and Jeongseon was a trip I was looking forward to and this was my first visit to South Korea. I am very familiar how Asia can and is so under the radar when it comes to creative fashion. They are a breed of their own regarding accessories and everything bling.  Asian people are bold, in colours, bold in...

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Red Oscars – Why Are Hollywood Women Wearing Red?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences introduced a red carpet to the Oscars in 1961. The carpet practically directed people from their cars to the venue entrance. But the red carpet became a stage for stars to make a statement in front of the camera. Here’s the most iconic red carpet moments in the history of the Academy Awards. This yea for inspirational celebrity women around the globe. It’s important they remind men and Trump, that even though  God created man first.  It was man that communicated to God that he could not STAND being alone. When...

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H&M Bionic Yarn – Dress Made From Old Plastic Bottles

Plastic Fantastic The topics of climate change and the impact that humans and their lifestyle have on the environment are some the most important issues facing civilisation as we know it today. Despite this, there are still many consumers that are turned off by environmentally friendly fashion. Even Swedish super-brand H&M still struggles with the stigma of ´dull recycled cardboard thoughts´ that accompany the category of reclaimed and eco-friendly clothing. However the company’s lodestar ´Conscious Exclusive Collections´ are trying to change that. Last year, their look book line-up skimmed on everything from 18th century historical fashion to Art Deco....

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Unisex Fashion What’s The Point?

If there is one phrase, trend or notion that´s prominent in contemporary fashion today, it´s gender fluid. Cool hunters the world over have also been quick to re-translate this pan-aesthetic to also sit within the niches of ´non-binary´, ´unisex´ and ´universal´. Today’s gender fluid offerings come in literally every size, shape and colour imaginable and hark a call far removed from cult 90´s offerings of Calvin Klein who threw this notion of non-conformity out there from his ´CK One´ branding. How Do You Distinguish Between Men And Women? The question of gender blurring, if you call it, is a...

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British Fashion Awards 2017 – Driven By Audi

  The BFTA was formed in the mid 1980’s, initially to standardise the rules of Field Target throughout Great Britain. Northern Island was not included as the firearms regulations were different from the mainland. For 2017, Audi drove several film stars to the Bafta’s and this is what they wore. If you want to know my thoughts on Audi. Then you can read my reviews here. Newcomer Anya Taylor-Joy looked like a modern day Disney princess in this pale blue tired Gucci gown with a tiger on the front. Naomie looked like a princess in a frilly feminine Gucci...

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Sir John Hurt – Nick Hurt Interview 2015

At Pretty Green 2015 catwalk I had the privilege of meeting Sir John Vincent Hurt, along side  his wife and his son Nick Hurt. The more high profile people I meet the more humble they are. I just got sent this interview yesterday and thought it was time to launch it. There is nothing more endearing than to witness the love between a father and a son. Sir John Hurt over six decades was recognized with a special Bafta for outstanding British contribution to cinema in 2012, and a knighthood in 2015. Since pioneering my brand MenStyleFashion, this is...

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Freeze Frame Fashion – Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand

Who is Natasha Meli?  What ‘s her philosophy about the art of fashion? Here is a an exclusive interview on how hard is it to build a swimwear fashion brand in 2017. Freeze Frame Fashion for 2017 is growing strong as ever. Walk into a Dior Store and look at a beautifully designed and made high end dress, it takes my breath away…gorgeous design in divine fabrics is an art in it’s self. How did you get started? Drawing dresses from a very young age of 5. My mother told me later I only drew girls in clothing. So...

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Martini Is Not To Be Shaken Nor Stirred

We  are all very familiar with the famous “Shaken, not stirred” line thanks to James Bond. Whilst staying and reviewing the Dukes Hotel London. I was introduced to an Italian gentlemen called Alessandro Palazzi. He has legally been behind a bar since 1974. His passion for the martini alone is why I was inspired to write about my experience. As I learn more about the world of luxury and what hidden gems are out there. I can’t help ponder how talented people are. Alessandro Palazzi,  passion was infectious. His enthusiasm for the love of being a barman for so long...

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Uplond – Luxury Handmade Portable Power Bank

As a social media queen, I am always connecting with almost one million followers across Gracie Opulanza and MenStyleFashion. My phone is my business life. I travel a lot and with my two phones there is always a massive problem. Running out of charge. Therefore my chargers for my smart devices are crucial for growing my business. On average I am reviewing luxury hotels and cars two to three times a month. These are very exclusive experiences for me. I like to social media in real time and my followers love to know where I am too. The more...

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Mayfair Hair Salon – Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed

My hairstyles over the years have remained the same. When it comes to my hair I am very conservative and very afraid to take risks. Over the years I have left a salon literally in tears because what I asked is not what I got. Even if I complained that I did not like it. The stylist really didn’t know what to do or didn’t show compassion towards my reaction. In reading the Japanese, definition Omotenashi ( The Spirit of Japanese hospitality), I was more intrigued to explore more. The Japanese proverb, 「おきゃくさまはかみさま」(o kyaku sama ha kami sama): the...

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A Handbag Made Of Alexander McQueen´s Skin

The distorted legacy of Alexander McQueen could carry on in a conjectural fashion concept which was recently conceived by a graduate student from Central Saint Martin´s – the internationally acclaimed fashion school which was also McQueen´s original Alma Mater. Designer Tina Gorjanc has manufactured a prototype collection of leather goods in designs which she hopes will ultimately be made from human skin ( which would be cultured from McQueen´s DNA) and would act as the foundation for her project and showcase for her graduate collection. Registered within the ground breaking Central Saint Martin´s ´Material Futures´ program, Gorjanc has been...

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Chef Norbert Niederkofler – Respect The Produce & The Producer

Norbert Niederkofler, is an eccentric Chef with such a personality. His restaurant is located in Alta Badia, Italy. This Two Michelin starred chef, creates his culinary delights in the restaurant St. Hubertus at the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano in Italy.  Just to reaffirm that Alta Badia is in South Tyrol, and this is part of Italy NOT Austria. When I met Norbert Niederkofler I knew that I was in for an experience of a life time. Who is Norbert? What is his core ingredient when it comes to Cook The Mountain? What is the atmosphere in his kitchen?...

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